Monapily’s Milieu: Resolutions and Winter’s Discontent

by Ramona Pilar Gonzales

Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New-Year find you a better Man.  ~ Quoted in Benjamin Franklin’s 1755 Poor Richard’s Almanac, December

As the year draws to an end, discussion of resolutions picks up. Many folks use the impending new year as a starting line to incorporate new habits and set new goals or revisit goals set in the beginning of the previous year, although with the added mantra, “this year I mean it.”  By the time Mardi Gras rolls around, New Year’s resolutions have dissolved into the ether and are forgotten until December when the resolution season starts up again. 

Then there are those who don’t just resolve to do something different, but plan to do so. They create action plans. Tiered achievement goals! Output goals! Benchmark goals! Visions of successful completion flit like pixies around them all the time. These are “doers” who always “do”; they are manifesters for whom follow-through is a way of being that is never in doubt. “Observers”, like myself, call them The Ambitious. To them, this mode is a skill in a vast toolbox they’ve been carrying around most of their lives.  It is not restricted to a New Year, goal-setting ritual.

What fascinates me about The Ambitious is that they have the ability to confront boulders of doubt and transform them into pebbles which are then easily kicked to the side.  For them, resolutions do not result in dead, wasted efforts, but are yet further accomplishments added to seas of “Yes” that carry them on to endless horizons.  Red Tides are rare and “Noes” aren’t powerful enough to be toxic. It is because of this amazing ability that they are able to consistently accomplish the things they set out to do.

They create beginnings and strive for endings rather than avoid them. Their “endings” are completions. They are not losses or failures. An end is closure. The Ambitious are alchemists who transmogrify presents into pasts and lay them to rest in that realm where endings become memories.

In short, ambitious people seem to know how to let go and move on.

So here we are at the end of the year, December, resolution time.  I’m remembering some of the resolutions I set for myself, none of which I actually completed (lose x amount of pounds, get a better job or more jobs, be consistent with my blog). But I accomplished a bunch of other things I hadn’t even thought I might do this year: be in a band and perform as a lead singer,  go to a writer’s workshop, teach two youth workshops – one on media literacy and the other on DIY bookmaking and How to read your own writing out loud like a professional.

I can look at the year that was and the year that wasn’t and see that either way, it’s over in a few short weeks.  Rather than focus on the things I didn’t do and carry that over with me into the new year, I will say thank you and goodnight to 2012 for being the year that it was.  As an Observer, I did a stellar job and have for a very long time. As for 2013, I think I might resolve to let go of resolutions and maybe try an ambition. 🙂



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