Special 30 minute edition of the hit solo show SER: L.A. vs. B.A.

September 30

New performance, spoken word, dance,
inter-disciplinary works that speak
to the evolution of established and
Latina/o Artists in Los Angeles.

NAJERA in his newest solo show "BROWN OXYGEN/OXIGENO

SER: L.A. vs. B.A.

Karen's ‘play’ might be a revelation and change the way we look at solo
theater.”- Reg E. Gaines (book and lyrics, Bring in
Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk
A transnational queer tale of choosing between
Buenos Aires: the soccer mecca
burning in her heart, and Los Angeles: the land of peace and plenty.

Direction by
Che’Rae Adams (Tender and Walkin’ Thru the Fire), Voiceovers by Carlos Alazraqui
(Reno 911) Ser: L.A. vs. B.A. is a theatrical delight of Anzoategui’s personal
story seamlessly woven through major moments in
Argentina's history: the
1986 World Cup, the mothers in white head scarves demonstrating at La Plaza de
Mayo–demanding to know the fate of their children that the government
disappeared during the dirty war.

In the middle of it all she fights her
way out of dresses and into soccer gear, and faces yet another question: Who
will be the object of her affection, the boys on the field or the girls in the
stands? A very unique Queer story that all LGBTQ communities can relate

Anzoategui’s show is a seamless delight of her personal story woven
through Argentina’s history of crises, using clever theatrical strategies such
as casting…. a special, surprise musical guest in the role of her abusive
father (off-the-charts-funny!).

Soccer fanaticism, sexual identity,
political repression and economic collapse. “Ser” is a unique story of the
dilemmas of a transnational Latino experience that doesn’t get more real and
more fun than this. Don’t miss the 6,000 mile match.

the 30 minute
version now available at HIGHWAYS on Sept 30th at 8:30pm-

OXYGEN/OXIGENO" is a collection of monologues performed through movement and
metaphor that explore the inner workings of the Latino mind and people of color.
The project asks the question: where do mental health problems and mood
disorders originate inside our heads?

The goal is to create the
conversation between scientists and real people touched by mental health that
has not happened yet in the same room. Marcos is working to identify and
interview professors and psychiatrists, bipolar disorder patients, therapists,
alcoholics, victims of abuse, homeless people, and you and me to discover what
we know and don’t know about the health of our own human computers.

Marcos Najera's collaborators include Leslie Ishii (voice), Allison
Wyper (movement), Debra Piver (acting), Dorinne Kondo (dramaturgy), Luis Alfaro
(text) & Juliette Carrillo (direction).

Reserve Tickets/Show
(310) 315-1459

See Karen in a reading of
"South of Liberty" at Open Fist Theatre on Sat Sept 24th at 2pm.
See Karen's
"Ser: L.A. vs. B.A." in New Latino Works fest at Highways Performance Space Sept
30th at 8:30pm


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