AUDITION CALL: A world premiere play by Ramona Gonzales

Santa Chata and her Fantastic Failures
A world premiere play by Ramona Gonzales
Produced and presented
by Tongue in Chíc*ana and CASA 0101
AEA 99

Audition Dates: September
24 – 25, 2011 (10a – 5p)

Rehearsals: 9/30 – 11/4 (time and date

Shows: 11/9 & 11/10 (previews), 11/11 – 11/27 (Th/Fri/Sat at 8p,
Sun 5p—except 11/24)

Audition Locations:
9/24 Little CASA, 2009 E
First St., Los Angeles, CA 90033 (street parking)
9/25 CASA 0101, 2102 E
First St, Los Angeles, CA 90033 (street parking)

Performance Location:
CASA 0101 2102 E First St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Casting Directors:
Tongue in Chíc*ana (Ramona Gonzales, Selene Santiago, Michelle

Director: Selene Santiago

Submission Instructions: please
submit headshot, resume and three audition time preferences to by 9/23
at 8p.

Audition Instructions: please come with one comedic monologue and
prepare to read sides as well as do some light puppeteer work (experience not
necessary for all roles).

Santa Chata returns home after ten
years abroad and is surprisingly off her game. She and her cronies have a show
to perform but she has neglected to finalize the last act – her once famous Dia
de los Muertos bit – which she long ago gave up performing when her partner,
Josue, left the show abruptly. Claiming to focus on other aspects of the show,
she puts off the number as long as she can.

Santa Chata *
Late 30s to early 50s. She is the creator of the traveling
variety show, her Fallas Fantasticas. When asked what she is like, responded "a
strawberry cherry flavored rasapdo on a tropical, humid day." She lives in bold
colors and works on bringing that energy to each show she produces. She created
the Fallas Fantasticas as a way to publicly exorcise her demons and, in so
doing, help other people learn to forgive themselves. With her cast and crew –
her "babies," – she brings a potpourri of acts – magic, dance, drama, and
singing – to communities across the country.

* Pugliacci *
three-year old pug puppet with an ever-present ruff around his neck. A broad,
serious fellow. The soul of a great performer, a powerful singer, a stupendous
emotive presence, who has had the great misfortune, as he would put it, to be
born a pug-shaped puppet, created for comedy. He dreams to perform great works
of theater or opera, but is often patronized by Santa Chata and the rest of the
cast because he is such a cute puppet. Eventually his prowess shines through
when he is asked by another cast member to emote their feelings of love to
another cast member because they cannot. Puppeteer experience

* El Misterio *
20s – 30s, dashing, with a strong comedic
side, he is the resident magician with a knack for making things disappear. He
has a talent for terrible, obvious jokes, of which he is very proud. He is
handsome, but unaware of how this affects other people.

* La Celestina
20s – 30s, often forgets to smile when she works, as she takes her various
roles in the company very seriously. She has the air of being "one of the guys"
with the cast and crew. She came to Santa Chata's troupe after a long stint in a
job she detested but never speaks of. She is grateful to Santa Chata for the
opportunity to work as an artist, something she never thought she was. Her
primary job with this show is to be assistant to El Misterio, with whom she is
secretly in love, very much against her better judgment.

* Horacio
20s, He's primarily a stagehand for the show. He secretly aspires to be a
part of the main show, but never shows his talents because he is unaware of what
they are. He is envious of Pugliacci because he has a role in the show. As he
strikes sets he tends to talk about what he could do better.

* Osvaldo
Another stagehand. Gets along with everyone well, but particularly El
Misterio. They are constantly making each other laugh and improv-ing bits
together. He is very happy to be a stagehand and is excited to be a part of the
show. He is effortlessly funny. Horacio is envious of his effortless talent and
his lack of interest in using it on the stage.


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