Diana Mera ROCKED the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood

Source: http://pressreleaser.org

Diana Mera ROCKED the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood

The Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California witnessed with awe the amazing performance of recording artist Diana Mera who came to the stage with only a piano played by Dany Tomas and background vocals by Ramona Gonzales. A true acoustic show that included the participation of Ivan Castro (Producer of her first album) playing his guitar.

Photography by Edgard Uy

When Diana entered the stage her fans were screaming and excited to see her sing; she is known for her great vocal talent but yesterday she blew everyone away. Most people commented they had never seen something like that.

Mera performed 7 songs from her album Luz Verde that was produced by Dany Tomas. Diana Mera stole the night and had fans cheering during and after her show. A lot is waiting for the Spanish Pop Star who has a busy agenda with more concerts and press interviews including Agencia EFE who was the first news agency in Spanish and the fourth in the world.

In between rehearsals, interviews, photo shoots and concerts she is getting ready for the celebration of her 10 years in music this October 2011. “I am grateful for the amazing response I received, I feel loved and all I want to do is give more of me and take my music everywhere in the world” Mera commented after her powerful performance.


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