SER: Karen Anzoategui by Carmen Nagy

Entrevista a Karen Anzoategui por Carmen Nagy

Ahora, se llama Ser: LA vs BA
Karen Anzoategui es una actriz residente en Los Ángeles.
Actualmente ha estado trabajando en una personal obra de teatro llamada “Ser”, escrita y protagonizada por ella misma y en la que se habla de una mujer joven que debe lidiar con las diferencias entre las culturas mexicana y argentina que conviven en su ciudad, L.A.
Ha participado en distintas sit comedies como “101 Latinos” y más de 20 obras de teatro.
Además de su trabajo, Karen participa activamente con la Organización Serra Proyect proporcionando vivienda y apoyo a personas afectadas por el virus VIH.

”Ser” es una obra muy personal. ¿Qué destacarías de ella?
Ser is an opportunity for me to talk about issues that affect and influence peoples decisions to immigrate especially the back and forth that happens with a lot of Argentines I know personally that have tried to live in the US. The solo also deals with the inner struggle immigrants have with their own cultures and the new cultures they try to embrace when they immigrate.
My main character deals with other identity issues in the World of soccer. She is constantly told she can’t do this and that because of her gender. This play gives me an opportunity to explore gender roles.
Speaking about being queer and what leads up to that discovery is especially important for me to explore
One of the most important things for me in writing this solo is that I wanted an argentine American story to be told. I see a lot of Latino theatre and movies and such and living in Los Angeles, the Mexican or Mexican American struggle is told but you don’t hear or see other stories being told. It’s important for me to be loud about my story so there is a broader dialogue when talking about Latin American issues and American issues that we face.
This being said, I also truly strive for a unity between the Latino cultures in Los Angeles. We can be so much stronger if we unite and not hate each other. There is so much negativity within our communities! It’s so sad. When I tell people where I am from, they tend to look at me like: Oh I’m sorry. No, you don’t know me, my struggles and what my family has been through because then, you would see we are a lot alike. But there are always those stereotypes about Argentines and most Latinos I come across treat me a certain way when they find out I’m argentine.

¿Qué es lo más personal que hay de ti en “Ser”?
The most personal would have to be talking about the abuse I witnessed as a child with my parents. Finding out that there is more to relationships than fighting. Also, as a woman, depending on your own voice and trusting your instincts is the most important thing ever. My character looks up to males, listens to males. Only when she discovers that women are powerful, she beings to trust her own voice, her own instincts. This is hard to admit to as a Strong woman today.


¿Hay algo en la obra que te haya resultado especialmente difícil de reflejar?
The hardest thing for me is talking about the abuse in my family that happened with my parents. This leads to the role of women in relationships and what the expectations are in relationships. Another thing that is hard to do is portray my family! HAHA! Even though it is not exactly like them but rather exaggerations that I draw upon, it is still hard to face when they come see it.
Writing about Diego Maradona’s rise and fall in my main character’s life was also hard. We idolize our favorite futbol players and when the politics or economy is not doing well, we look up to this one person to make us all feel better and create a better sense of national pride. This has fascinated me for a long time. We are all human no matter how Amazing and supernatural our abilities seem to be.

Another thing that was hard was writing about the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina. I was not there but in the play I place myself there. I think there is this desire or human need to be there with your family when they are going through a crisis yet, I was in the US. In this play, I am able to be there with them and it serves as a theatrical device in the show.
It helps me tell American audiences what happened 10 years ago to the argentine people. Since our economic crisis here in the US, more audiences can relate and can see how much more we have in common. We can make a difference if we are aware of each other’s struggle by uniting and fighting with the International communities and figuring out how to advance in a global way. Talking about the discrimination I face with Mexicans and other Latinos is especially hard.

¿Te gusta más escribir o interpretar?
Oh that a hard question…. I love both! I am a writer but have a lot of fears that stop me from completing my work to this day and writing with the knowledge that I will be performing it, helps me complete my work.. If it wasn’t for performing, I would not finish writing a piece.
I love performing and thrive when I’m on stage. I thank my writing for helping me do this.
The best thing is performing to an audience that you think might not relate to what you are talking about and they tell you Oh I totally relate to this and that even though it is not exactly what you are writing about. That makes me feel that my role as a writer/Performer really matters

¿Qué crees que es lo más complicado a la hora de crear un personaje?
The most complicated part of creating a character is the body and voice. I must get in the rehearsal and explore-Its fun don’t get me wrong!! Going from one character to another has to be very distinct and specific throughout the whole hour and 15 minutes that I am performing all the characters but that is why I love acting! Such a Challenge and you can see it in your mind’s eye and then you just got to do it!
I think also embodying the James Brown persona with his movements and facial expressions and dance moves are especially challenging

Hablanos de tus proyectos a medio plazo.
I have this transgender character that people love! She is very fierce and talks about issues that some people find hard to talk about openly. Her name is Visa and she is an activist within her Trans Latina community. She is also a sex worker. I am writing about sex workers and our sexualities. I think it Sparks a lot of interest and allows people to see someone like Visa on the streets and not be so judgmental. I love writing about the humor of subjects and issues that on the surface can be scary or sad.

Lo cierto es que siempre me gusta hacer preguntas personales, pero no he encontrado información de éste tipo sobre ti por ningún sitio.. ¿Es una cuestión de suerte o que guardas tu vida personal con esmero?
Hey, I’m on Facebook! I like getting to know people by reading what they post, what blogs they write in and vice versa. I am pretty private about my relationships and what location I am in since I read about people being kidnapped. Maybe Ill post more tweets when I have a body guard lol but I’m pretty open.

Lo que sí sé (y me alegra) es que eres una personal comprometida con aquellas personas afectadas por el VIH, ¿Cómo colaboras, exactamente, con Serra Project?
Con Serra Project I’m a housing case manager and I help the homeless find housing in shelters, transitional living or permanent housing. I am also an advocate for their Rights. There is a lot of discrimination that exists. I also am an activists when there are cuts to the Budget in state, local and federal monies

¿Querrías mandar algún mensaje de concienciación a través de TheRevista?
Our stories need to be told and there is a huge well of stories that live in me and I am Ready to reach out to the World! It’s time to unite globally, take responsibility and act!

Además de tu vida de actriz y activista en la lucha contra en VIH ¿Qué otros objetivos tienes en la vida?
I would like to have better balance in my life and with the events around the World. I want to be able to make life a little bit more balanced for all. One day, I will have my own charities and be able to travel the World and meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I want to work with kids and inspire children. I also want to empower women. There is such a disparity and inequality between women and men. Oppressed people, women especially tend to relieve they don’t have power-but they do!
I also want to live on the Beach, it’s very calming!
I want to live in Buenos Aires and be closer to my family and also be able to live wherever I want without any borders around me or in my mind.

¿Qué te hace feliz en tu día a día?

Breathing makes me happy! Being active and dancing makes me happy! Being free from fears makes me happy. I want to transcend to a higher level of thinking and being so we are all less dependent on material things. Hearing music and lyrics and feeling the message the artists have to transmit makes me happy.
I like Eating too! Knowing what I can eat and being good to myself makes me happy since I know I’m making progress in living myself.

¿Qué te gustaría pedir? 

I want everyone to see my show. I want people to be in a good festive mood. I want to do what I love every single day of my life!

SOLO SHOW “SER: L.A. VS. B.A.” JUNE 15, 17, 18 & 22 at 8:30 PM
$10.00 ONLY!!!
The Stella Adler Theatre
6773 Hollywood Bl. 2nd fl.
Los Angeles, CA

A very unique Queer story that all LGBTQ communities can relate to!
Directed by Che’Rae Adams (Tender and Walkin’ Thru the Fire), Voiceovers by Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911) Choreograhy by Maya Zellman.
A transnational tale of choosing between Buenos Aires:
the soccer mecca burning in her heart, and Los Angeles: the land of peace and plenty.

Wed., June 15 at 8:30pm is half off night with code “futbol” only at
or at the door wearing a soccer jersey

Purchase your June 17th, 18th and 22nd at 8:30 pm tickets on



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