Relationships Diary: My Version of them, anyways!

By Mia Vicenzo


I found my first love, Kate. I fantasized with someone like her since I was 14 years old. She was sincere, confused, hyper and gorgeous. The first time I saw her was at a party in some ugly apartment that a friend in common had…We met and she was beautiful and I guess me too but nothing went further. We started hanging out by chance and all of a sudden we became close friends to the point that I will help her out with dates and she will help me out make-out with other people. One night we were super drunk and she slept at my house in my twin bed. I woke up with her arm around me; no words could explain the sensation I had…it was nice and peaceful. I was out of the closet and she knew I was a lesbian, she on the other hand thought of herself as straight.

I used to like a girl named Camila; she worked with me at a supermarket. I was so new and clumsy when it came to women that after a few months nothing was happening with her, even though we had said that we liked each other, we didn’t do anything. So my friend Kate came up with this brilliant idea, right? Those ideas you come up when you are young and stupid…That the three of us should go out and this would cause Camila to be jealous! Ok! So we are ready to go out, I’m at home and Camila cancels…big bummer! – I was not a happy camper and decided to cancel the night out all together so I called Kate and I told her to hang out another day. She was refusing to accept that and said: I am ready and I am driving to your house, even if it’s you and me only. I was not feeling it and then she arrived.

We talked and stuff, nothing mayor and then we felt sleep…Gosh! We woke up kissing each other in the most amazing way ever…I felt all of my body connecting with hers and it was so dreamy.
Since that day and for the next three months, we were in love, promise each other all that you can imagine and sadly broke up for a misunderstanding (well gossip a biach made up) but the good news is that she has been one of my best friends for years and now that we are in our thirties I wouldn’t change her friendship and sisterhood for anything in the world.

For you Kate, for giving me a start in my love journey and for showing me fairytales exist!


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