Richard Azurdia: A dream role model

Cover and Feature (Bilingual Interview)
Por Carmen Nagy
Photography by Benot Peroit (Cover)

Foto de la pelicula "Ladron Que Roba Ladron" (Lionsgate, 2007)
~ JUNE ~ In BORDERING ON LOVE with Company of Angels

He podido ver que ha trabajado tanto en Cine, Televisión y Teatro. ¿Encuentra mucha diferencia entre cada uno de estos formatos?

Oh yes. The biggest difference is the size of the performance. In film and TV just raising an eyebrow can mean so much but in theater the audience wouldn’t be able to see that. As an actor you have to be able to distinguish between the mediums. Although I feel that a theater actor can transition easier to TV/film than a TV/film actor to theater though. Eventually you get use to jumping from TV, to film, to theater. Just like a painter who one day paints his home, then a self-portraint, then a mural.

¿Tiene alguna preferencia y por qué?

You know, I really hate when some actors say, "theater is my passion" and they only do one play every five years. So I’ll just say "my preference" is theater. 🙂 I work on about 3 or 5 theater productions a year. Theater is my acting class, my escape, my training, my therapy and without it I couldn’t live as an actor. Also, it keeps me warmed up for auditions. I haven’t taken an acting class since I left college because I’m always doing theater. Without theater, I wouldn’t be ME. Now, I won’t say I don’t like TV and film. All these venues we have for an actor are wonderful but it’s not the same having someone watching you on TV or on the big screen as having someone share the emotions your character is going through live.

Ha tenido que meterse en pieles de personajes muy diferentes ¿Qué papeles son los que más le gustan; los papeles comicos, dramáticos…?

Comedic and dramatic roles, both are wonderful to play. The best is to have a character that includes both. A dramatic role that has some comedy or a comedic role with some tragedy. Funny enough, I am currently playing a comedic role with tragedy. "Clarin" inLa Vida Es Sueno (Life is A Dream). I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful and talented director and actor, Denise Blasor. She helped me find the tragedy within the comedy. The role of Clarin is one that has always been discussed by scholars. Why does Clarin, A comedic character, end up being killed at the end by a stray bullet? I had to ask myself that too. I realized that this is as human as it gets. Someone who makes people laugh and enjoys life so much and then suddenly dies. These, to me, are the best roles to play.

Creo que los artistas escénicos teneis un trabajo bastante complicado. ¿Ha tenido que hacer algún sacrificio lo largo de su carrera? ¿como cual?

I think the biggest sacrifice is not spending enough time with loved ones. And I’m a workaholic. Whether it’s a play, a staged reading, producing, TV or film, I’m always working on something. The goal is to eventually get to the point where you don’t need to work to hard to survive as an actor and hopefully you can enjoy real time with family and friends.

¿Vivir en L.A. le ha influido o ayudado?

Well, I was born and raised in L.A. so I definitely have an advantage. I don’t plan to go anywhere else unlike many actors who come out for a year or 2 then leave in dissapointment. I love and know my city very well and that helps me stay grounded.

¿Hay algun director/a con quien le gustase trabajar especialmente?

There are so many wonderfully talented people I would love to work with. If anything, I want to work with people who love what they do and are known to appreciate the work done by everyone involved in any production. I worked on a TV show a few years ago and everyone on set seemed to love being there. It was like a big family. Those are the type of people I want to work with. Yes, there is a lot of money involved, but it comes down to loving what you do.

¿Qué hay sobre la música o la lectura, cuales son sus favoritos?

I’m addicted to Radiohead and have always been a huge fan of Rage Against the Machine, although they broke up more than 10 years ago. Groups like these don’t just make music, they feel music. I watched the Grammys this year and I was sucked in my Mick Jagger’s performance. That man is "music" when he’s on stage. I love that! As for reading, I’m always memorizing lines for a play so not much time to read.

Ahora mismo está trabajando en La Vida es Sueño (Life Is A Dream), Díganos ¿Por qué debe ir a verla la gente al etatro?

When I was a kid I went on a school trip to say a play. Since then, I knew I wanted to be an actor. Theater affects people in many ways. Emotionally and sometimes physically. Theater is an art form that needs to be experience. You know, I’ve heard some people say, "I hate theater". Well guess what, I hate them! These people have not experience great theater. Great theater will impact you and it should be experience atleast once in your life.

Por último, cuénteme sobre sus próximos proyectos.

You might have guessed it. Theater and more theater. 🙂 After La Vida Es Sueno I move on to the play Chinese Massacre (Annotated) with Circle X Theater Company, then to Bordering On Love with Company of Angels and during the summer I’ll be working with Independent Shakespeare Company doing Shakespeare in the park. Of course I’ll be audition for TV and films too but I won’t have a free weekend until September. You know what though, I love it! 🙂 


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