Cover and Feature
By Diego Valiente
Photography by Jorge Pardo

Pepe Alva brings a breath of fresh air to a new generation of Latinos. His music takes influences from Argentinian rockers like Charly Garcia & Fito Paez, but also from international stars like Sting & Peter Gabriel. If you listen closely to Pepe’s music, you will hear the Peruvian coastal influences of Eva Ayllon or Serrano of Savia Andina. Pepe’s music incorporates a solid understanding of his cultural musical heritage expressed by the skilful implementation of the Charango (10 string guitar from the Andes) and the Zampoña (native peruvian flute). Alva says that the combination of radically different instruments interests him and that the fusion of cultures, music, and people is where his music’s message comes from.

Who are your inspirations?
Many artist such as Charly Garcia, Fito Paez,Silvio Rodriguez,Dave Mathews,Sting and the Flockloric Music From the Andes.

How did you get started?
Listening to my father sing in the house growing up, I asked my dad to buy me a electric guitar when I was 15 in Trujillo Peru, that´s where everything started.

Any loves, other than music?
Many in different moments and times, love is only good when you have a variety.

What are you promoting today?
I’m promoting my new Video Clip “Aquí en la Nube” which belongs to the album DEMOS, also working on my next album for 2011.

Do you miss Miami? How’s life in Peru?
Yes I miss Miami a lot, but I’m enjoying my stay in Peru, learning about my culture and definitely eating the best food in the world, it’s a new challenge.

How do you manage to continue making music, videos and concerts in an industry that is becoming harder and keeps changing?
THE LOVE OF MAKING MUSIC! Is the only way to keep it going, money will come and go in times but the hope and happiness that music gives you will never go.

Are you in love?
I love somebody deeply now, but I’m not in love, my heart has learn to be careful and just live the moment.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Older, wiser and smarter!
Hope I will have much more money jaja!

Do you act as well, would you try it if you haven’t?
I haven’t act yet but I would try it happily.

Do you plan to come back to the US?
Yes next year I will release an English speaking album which I´ll have to promote in the states so it will be the perfect excuse to go back and stay for long again.

Music Video: Aqui en la nube:


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