Valeria Ronson’s Journal

It is not the same now
By Valerian Ronson

Friendship is a very important piece of our lives and a huge part of our development as human beings. A friend means having someone to confide in and someone who we count with in a time of distress; or just share happy times.

I’ve had the chance to have many friends in my lifetime but there are some that always remain and that I know they will probably be with me forever.

I recently encounter the re-appearance of an old friend, who I no longer wanted in my life. We had been friends since childhood but with the years with ended up to be very different and grew apart. My friend Nina showed me a lot of indifference and disregard in the last years of our friendship. This situation was so hurtful that I asked her to stop contact indefinitely.

Some years went by and Nina will make an effort for our friendship to continue and I wouldn’t agree, then I will hear that she was tired of trying but then she will insist.

A couple of weeks ago…

Nina contacted me, asking to be my friend again and that she missed me. I wrote back for the first time and agreed on trying at least. We exchanged emails and I see how our friendship will never be the same, the trust is gone and I guess it can grow back but it’s unfortunate that we are not those friends that survive everything and even without contact can connect again like nothing happened.

I want to learn from this experience and take care of my friends so that will never be in Nina’s position. Friendship is vital for my survival, friends are family to me and I will do everything in my power to make them a priority in my life.


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