Homebound by Fanny Véliz

 Press Release


Trailblazing filmmaker Fanny Véliz appeals to the
Community to produce her new film “Homebound”

Los Angeles, CA. January 2011 – HOMEBOUND tells the story of a family in the small town of El Campo, Texas, and how they cope with life, love, and loss. Véliz is appealing to her supporters and friends to help produce the film to make donations through the website KICK

To be part of the production team and donate go to:

What makes this script stand apart is the richness of the characters that more closely reflect the American Latino experience. “I see this as a valuable opportunity to explore all the amazing untold stories from the largest ethnic minority in the United Sates.”
“KICKSTARTER is a perfect way to raise funds for this particular project because the goal is to give the American Latinos and those who appreciate diversity a say in the way they are portrayed in the media.” The plan is to involve the entire community of El Campo, to contribute in the production of the film.

This will keep production costs low and will also inspire the town and it’s future generations to see what is possible for them.
“We are set to shoot in march 2011, the only thing missing is funding. I am using the relationships that I’ve built in the past 10 years of my career to get some of the equipment, talent, locations and services at a reduced cost.

This way even though $150,000 is a small
budget for a feature film, the production value will be very high and something we can all be proud off.”

Fanny Véliz is a multi-talented filmmaker who directs, writes, produces and acts. Recently, she she was nominated for and Imagen Award for her short, Il Destino. With her Criolla Productions, Véliz has directed films that been accepted to some of the major international film festivals and have also been in the running for coveted awards. Her production company has produced the films, “Touch Up”, “3some”, and "Shortstop" which have run the film
festival. Véliz goal is to shed a unique light into the urban Latino community.



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