~FEATURE MUSIC VIDEO~ Sasha Sokol: Dulce Veneno


Sasha Sokol was born on June 17th, 1970 in the American British Cowdray Medical Center of Mexico City. She is the daughter of Miguel Sokol and Magdalena Cuillery. Her parents divorced when she was only a toddler. Her mother later remarried Fernando Diez-Barroso, an important stockholder of Mexican multimedia conglomerate, "Televisa."

Sasha attended the Peterson College of Mexico City, a prestigious and expensive private school that is dually accredited in Mexico and the US. When Sasha released her debut album in November of 1987, she became the biggest female Pop artist of the 80s in Mexico and many other Latin American nations, and she maintained that position well into the early 90s.

Sasha has starred in the popular Mexican soap operas, Alcanzar Una Estrella II (1991), El Premio Mayor (1995), La Vida En El Espejo (1999), and she even starred in the popular Mexican series, Tres Generaciones (1989). Earlier in her career, she attended Televisa’s talent school (CEA), and she was chosen to be a member of Pop group, Timbiriche. In 1982, Timbiriche made their debut in Mexico as a children’s Pop group that eventually became the biggest teen Pop group of the 80s in Mexico and much of Latin America, and they remained so for over 11 years. Timbiriche reunited in 1999 for a concert tour around Mexico and various parts of Latin America and the US. That same year, Timbiriche released a live CD set to commemorate their reunion tour. This double album was titled,

El Concierto, and featured 3 new songs. Sasha is known for having relationships with many famous Mexican singers and actors. She has been linked to such artists as Benny Ibarra, Luis Miguel, Eduardo Palomo, and Ricky Martin, among others. Sasha was gifted with talent and beauty, however, her pop star lifestyle and the social life in which she was raised made her suffer difficult experiences early on in her life. Her most scandalous relationship occurred when she was just a teenager. She maintained a romantic relationship for to 2 years with Timbiriche’s creative producer,

Luis De Llano Macedo, whom was 25 years her senior. Sasha’s relationship with Luis came to flourish not long after she left Timbiriche in 1986. Due to family pressures this relationship eventually ended. Unfortunately, Sasha fell into other unhealthy relationships, which led her to a severe problem with bulimia, anorexia, and an addiction to cocaine, which was fueled by her desire to be thin, but her story did not have a sad ending. Sasha cleaned up her act in 1993, and she has been clean ever since. To this day,

Sasha remains a heavily respected actress and singer in Mexico. She has dropped the "Diez-Barroso" last name and now uses her biological last name, "Sokol." She now lives a naturalist lifestyle, which includes yoga, meditation, and being a vegetarian. Sasha’s fans are still anxious to see more from her as an artist. Timbiriche alumni include Thalia (wife of Tommy Mottola), Paulina Rubio, and many other famous Mexican vocalists. In 2005, Sasha took part in one of Mexico’s versions of the reality series, Big Brother, titled Big Brother VIP, which only features celebrities. Sasha actually became the big winner of Big Brother VIP and won a cash prize of 3.5 million Mexican pesos. Sasha has taken advantage of this reunification between her and her fans, and she plans on releasing a new Pop album in the Spring of 2006.

Eventually, Sasha will once again regain her place in the Mexican spotlight and it looks like that’s just around the corner.


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