Valeria Ronson’s Journal

Generosity and truth
By Valerian Ronson

My days in a strange city has provided me with a sense of understanding of how my life should proceed and how much I have where I am really from, not where I was born.

My memory has detailed every wonderful and chaotic moment of my life with my boyfriend. I have been able to see the truth of our love and the generosity in both of us. Before I left for a business trip with a newspaper I regularly work for, we were consulting with a therapist because we were so explosive with each other and we needed to clean that out of our way. Now that I am away from him, I can see how much we love each other and how intense this relationship is for me and him. The intensity in us makes a little problem in to the end of the world and now I even think is funny.

He has sent me a song for everyday I have been away; he has written me many letters and has confessed his love for me in a bigger magnitude. People say distance makes everything better, maybe it is true but now I know that it is him who I will spent the rest of my life with. I know he is in the means to propose to me and before that used to scare me but now I am waiting like a princess for him to pick me up in his white horse.

I recently experience the lost of relatives that I had placed a lot of my hope in and that I believed they were people to count with; unfortunately right before the year ends, I have to say their spirit is no longer with me, because the bodies keep walking without realizing the pain they caused. Life is so generous with me to make me an intelligent and aware woman to make important decisions like this. Familismo can make you fall in to guilt trips that will make you continue unhealthy relationships. I am blessed, I am educated, I am whole and for that reason I have decided to let go; of pain, of all ingratitude and lack of love.

2011 will be a year where I will no longer be angry for the past, I will enjoy the many miracles I have manifested, enjoy my boyfriend Randi, plan to have a pet to start and then maybe a baby-boy and have the family I can create for myself. My journalist career is growing and I feel that this year I will have my big break and paying the bills will be a piece of cake. Randy just graduated from Pepperdine University and has the dream of having his own business as a lawyer, so I think we are in the road of success.

I grew up in South San Francisco, CA, everything is good here, specially Mitchells’ Ice Cream and that is the things that I will value more in my life from now on…A stroll with my guy around the city and dinner at the Italian restaurant in the corner and buy flowers because secretly he loves when I put flowers on the table.

I commit myself to generosity and truth for 2011!


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