Interview with Star MONTEROSA


When/how did your music career started?
   I started my music career Dec 14, 1996.  I remember the day since I had the opportunity to be the opening act for 2 of the best songwriters of this city back in those days.  One of them Elsten Torres and the other what became now be known, or was known as, “Los Bacilos”.

How did you come up with that name or is it real?
    The name is real, is just written differently as it is my last name.  The reason why is written now separately is solely to help describe more about what type of artist and music I am and like to do.  “Monte” Spanish for wild brush or untreated terrain. I use this to describe more of the “Rock” Music part, the attitude in the songs, the intensity, the rebellious educated side that flows in my music.  “Rosa” Spanish for Rose or Pink(the color), this one I use to describe the intimacy, gentleness, love, passion of the lyrics and some of the melodies I use when I record some of the guitar parts or keyboards.  All together “MonteRosa” describes not a style of music, but the quality of the work that I do. It’s cool to be able to express myself not only as a songwriter, but also as a guitarist, producer, and singer in my music.

What’s your favorite instrument?
    This is a hard one, I play mainly guitar, but also play a bit of drums, bass, piano and all other sorts of gadgets that I can get music melodies or rhythm out of.  My favorite, I’ll say the one that I’m more familiar with, the guitar.

The most difficult moment you ever experienced on stage?
    Honestly I haven’t had much of these incidents, but I can remember one night that I lost my voice, back in the beginning of my career and learn that it was all mental.  This happen on the night of my birthday and about 1 hour before show. Scary as hell… But at the same time learned more about it.

What are you promoting now?
I’m promoting my new album “12 Historias en 3 Tonos”, released 2008/2009 and still promoting in the U.S.  I’ve had the chance to visit New York, Washington, Orlando/FL, Tampa/FL and Puerto Rico.  The first single that came out was “No Eres Un Sueño” and did really well in the underground independent movement in the U.S. Market.

What are your plans in the music now that everything is changing in the industry?
For me the plans remain “to expand”, to reach the masses, to help make a difference somehow in this world.  As dreamy as it may sound it all can be done in a gradient.  The industry has and will keep changing to benefit the artist, and that is excellent.  I’ve been an Independent musician for about 6 years since the launch of my 1st self tittle album “MonteRosa”, and even though the “money” doesn’t flow as much as it does with the “majors”, still it’s a joy to be able to do what I do, and live off of it. 🙂

Are you in love?
Well, at this moment it’s pretty difficult to find the right balance with someone.  This career demands a lot and I  have encounter partners that don’t understand the way this industry runs and the amount of commitments that sometimes have to be done in order to keep gaining good ground in the eye of the public and please the fans.

Message to your fans
To the fans and friends, because I consider them friends as well.  Thank you! Thank you! Everything that I’ve been able to acomplish in my career until this day and carrying forward would not have been possible without their support.  Also to my sponsors Gibson, Epiphone, DR Strings, Debaufree Watches, CMC Media, and Inimitable Ent. Thank you today and always.


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