By Diego Valiente




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Sitting at Café 101 in Los Angeles with Diana Mera; beautiful, sweet, charming and extremely talented. She wears her iconic “Chucks” and a hoodie while having a perfect make up session in her face. She is calm, stylish and funny…so we began the interview.


Diana, after 6 years in the music, an upcoming star already – you disappeared? What happened?

Wow…I promise I was somewhere and never disappeared. I was recording my second album; it took a lot of time…from the writing of the songs, choosing them and then recording. Too many personal things happened along the way, I lost a dear friend who moved to heaven and that changed everything. I suspended recordings for nearly 8 months and then wrote other songs while I was out of the studio and the songs changed again for Luz Verde…No excuses but now I’m back (she laughs)

When did you decided to become a singer?

I was ten years old and I have always been very organized so I grabbed a notebook and started making “numbers” of my income as a singer…ran to my grandma and said “I will be a singer”, this is how much I’ll be making and these are my outfits – I came out with the idea to wear Texans boots and leather jackets in every color that existed. But it was really until I turned 20 that I recorded for the first time. My grandma made me promise I will finish school before singing.

You are sexy and there is a combo with the femme and the tomboy – how do you describe yourself?

Everything can make me feel sexy, the chucks, the ties and now that I feel that I am becoming a woman a dress will also do… My image expresses my nature really and I just want to be me…as feminine and masculine as I can be – All at the same time…

You have a new album, titled Luz Verde; why the name and tell me about your top 3 songs from it?

Yes, my baby “Luz Verde” was born in September ’09 and is in every digital retailer for sale…Well my team and I went through so much with the album, my career and my personal life, that when the album was finished I was brainstorming with the name…and I was at a stop light thinking about it and the light turned GREEN so I screamed “SE VA A LLAMAR LUZ VERDE” (IT WILL BE CALLED GREEN LIGHT)…It meant for me that things were going to be good and I was going to have green light for my music everywhere.

OK the top 3…are Sobrevivente: I wrote it for me, to remind myself that I have overcome so much, especially my childhood. Cuando vuelvas de Madrid: I wrote it for my friend who moved to heaven, really for her husband. Solemos: That’s for my girls, my best friends and my sister Cristina – My friends and my sister are crazy and I am so peaceful (she giggles) that we use to fight often and so I got tired of arguing and missing them after, so I wrote this song as a promise of never fighting again. So far it has worked!

 Who worked in this album with you?

I was so fortunate to work with Dany Tomas and Gustavo Borner…The album has other great composers like Claudia Brant, Grecco Buratto, Ximena Munoz, Mariadela  and Dany as well…Also the musicians are the best of the best…Marcelo Caceres, Jota Morelli, Latigo, Vadalá…and the album was almost a full Argentinean product as they use to joke with me…Because Dany, the engineer Mandrafina & the musicians are from Argentina and also it was part recorded at El Pie in Buenos Aires etc…But Gustavo is from Uruguay and I am Ecuadorian-Peruvian so they couldn’t make it all Argentinean but they tried! (Jokes)

How, why, when do you write your songs?

Always and never…Nothing particular really…I have phases where I am writing and writing like when I was getting ready for Luz Verde I wrote 60 songs in less than 3 months…then I was experiencing pain and 6 songs happened in days…Now life is good…and I’ve had a song in my head for almost 10 months…is not on paper-lives in my head for now. I write because I can’t help it, it just happens; I don’t even intent to and how? Well I don’t play instruments so I start singing the song as if I had heard it in the radio before…and then I am in front of my laptop wearing my glasses and I write it – then I recorded in an old fashion hand recorder.

You have never talked about your private like but is Diana Mera in love?

Yes, I never felt the desire to share it and now I guess I am more open than when my career started…but still there is a lot that is not only private but also fragile and intimate…yes I am in love.

Where are Luz Verde & Diana Mera going?

Right now Luz Verde is for sale @ iTunes and all the digital stores…I am promoting “Solemos” …We are starting with a radio in Argentina that is supporting the album, upcoming events with BMI for 2010 and many more surprises…on the works. We need all the support out there!

Message to your supporters/fans:

GRACIAS por levantarme en las mañanas…Gracias por meterse en mis sueños y hacer que todas las luces cambien a verde para que siga en mi camino musical.

(THANK YOU for waking me up in the mornings…Thank you for getting in to my dreams and making all the stop lights to go green so I can continue in my musical road)



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