For the better?

Column: BESO POP

By Sweetheart

I was talking to a lady over a cigarette the other day. From a simple conversation on how her day was going…she broke in tears.

Her grown children moved out to pursue a better future in New York; her two sons and daughter in law decided to move because the economy doesn’t allow them to continue studying in California and they have better programs for them over there.

I decided to be her companion for the evening and told her to release her sadness and that I was there for her.

She described her afternoons with them…How they were so respectful and loving. They will eat together and laugh after a hard day of work and now she had to come back to an empty apartment where she doesn’t need to prepare any meals, as no one will share one with her.

We go places for the better, and we leave half of our hearts everywhere, is this for the better?


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