Winter Should Last Forever

Column: Beso Pop
By Sweetheart



The story that I thought was leading me to a major role in my future life has ended.

I feel I lived in a separate dimension where I imagined happiness and love around me because I had met a princess. A princess that seemed to love me and maybe she did but she had to go to single land and I will probably never see her again.

All my life I felt like a girl-prince and since I was 16 years old I have asked the universe for a princess to build a castle with; because now days you have to build this things. Well I thought maybe this one time, I got the girl!

“It” started in the winter and “it” ended in the summer, not the first time summer turns in to a cold season for me. Three years ago I lost one of my greatest friends, she now leaves in heaven land; I know she sent me that princess to fix my broken heart and show me how much power she has but now I don’t know why she is taking her away from me.

Anyways, I miss both of them. I miss the princess and I miss my friend. If I had my friend I could be talking to her about the princess and cried it off and If I had the princess I could be talking about how much I miss my friend and the princess will tell me like she did every time “is like I knew her” and smile big for me.

Princess and Friend, if you ever see a possible come back to my life and stay.

~Goodbye my lover – Goodbye my friend~



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